Friday, November 22, 2013

Advent Calendar

I have never gotten/made an advent calendar for Christmas.  I am thinking this is something we should start, and this is a great Christmas to start this tradition.  The girls are old enough to somewhat understand, and I am sure the process/activities will change as the girls get older.
I am so excited to make this.  Here are a few examples from Pintrest that I really like.  I will do a post once I make ours with the final reveal!
**My girls are too small to memorize these verses, but it is never to early to start reading these verses to them!  This will definitely be something we will implement this year!
Have you ever made an advent calendar?  Do you have any suggestions on what to do with 2/3 year olds?  I would love to hear what has/has not worked for you in the past!

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Lauren S. said...


I purchased an advent calendar online simply because I was scared that the girls would associate the meaning of Advent with treats and not the true meaning of the story. Therefore, I opted for a calendar that told the Christmas story and the last day you put Jesus on it. It cost me like $25 bucks but will stay around a little more than the treats will.....
just my two cents :)