Friday, November 1, 2013

New Mom Advice...TWINS!

I am linking up with Kellys Korner today for new mom advice!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about new mom advice!  Am I an expert?  NO.  I have been there/done that with twins, but that still doesn't make me an expert.  I just love to talk about it!! :):):)

In my instance, the key to our survival has been FAMILY.  Family has been there for us EVERY step of the way.  I am sure my theory of how easy twins are, would not be the same, if it wasn't for family.

I remember being on 'modified bed rest' and my mom and cousin came over and would help clean, put away clothes, help me put the final touches on the nursery, go grocery shopping for me, etc.
^my mom, sister and dad at her college graduation...Go Wolfpack!**
**Funny story: They went grocery shopping for me a few days before I went to the hospital.  Harris Teeter had cheesecakes on sale, and I wanted one.  I didn't get a chance to eat it before going to the hospital...I remember being so worried that we were going to have to throw that cheesecake away!  haha.

So, here is a bulleted list:

  • Get Help!  From Family, friends, neighbors, etc.  Even if it coming over for 2 hours for you to nap, it HELPS!
  • Learn to say NO!  You need time to heal, time to adjust, time to just soak it all in.  Stay home!  Don't rush out and about.  RELAX!
  • Babies Cry...When I come to the understanding that it is OK for babies to cry, it helped me so much.  It is actually good for babies to cry.  It is their only form of exercise!  Their lungs need a good workout every now and then!  So, rushing over to help a crying baby before their second whimper is not always needed.  Now, having said that, I didn't let my babies cry too much! ;)
  • Breastfeeding DOES get easier.  I breastfed the twins for 14 months.  It was NOT easy, but it WAS worth it. It hurts, its time consuming (my favorite part...allowed me to be lazy! :)), only YOU can do it, Pumping is for the birds (but necessary)..........It is a bonding experience you only have a small window of opportunity to have, and no one else can do it...its so special.
  • The Earth rotates WAYYYYYY faster after you have a baby.  Just last week I was pregnant, now they are 2 1/2.  Whew.
  • Get a church family.  If you do not have the supply of help from family, get involved with church.  Church family LOVES to help out.  It is so important to be involved.
  • Find any way you possibly can to just enjoy the moment.  Yes, the house is going to be a mess.  The laundry baskets will NEVER be empty, all the dishes will NEVER be washed AND put away.  You will always be tired.  BUT...the sounds of laughter completely wipe all of it away. 
Lastly, my BIGGEST word of advice:
  • THANKFUL. You are a mother.  You have allowed another human being to be INSIDE you, feed off of you, grow and depend on you.  It is an absolutely amainzg job that MANY would do anything to have the experience.  When you are having a hard day, stop and remind yourself how blessed you really are.  I do this EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  I check on the girls every night before bed and just say 'Thank you God.  Thank you for allowing me to be their parents.'
These women right here, in this photo are the girls 'other' mama's. I am soooo blessed.  They have pretty much helped raise these girls.  The saying is, it takes a village.  Well, its true...and for twins, that village is twice as large!
I am so so thankful for all the amazing women in my life.
Nana, Granny, MeMe, JeJe (the mastermind behind Pink Cow Mootique Shop!) and KayKay.  The girls absolutely love them all.

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Carol said...

Great post! I liked all your advice. I need to work on the saying no part! And, yes, the Earth does rotate way faster when you have a baby. It seemed like I was pregnant FOREVER and now my daughter is almost one.