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Hi all!

Life has been crazy, and we have had the best summer!!  That is coming to an end soon, and I go back to school in a couple weeks.  I am thankful I have a job, but I sure do love staying home with my babies (who aren't babies anymore and that makes me sad too...)

Anyway, a few months ago, I made a big leap!  I decided I must get healthier and lose weight.  I had seen a friend of mine (my sisters college roommate) posted about these wraps she did and had lost weight.  So, I thought WHY NOT?  If I see more immediate results, I will be more apt to stay with it!  Also, I was interested in the business side.  I am a teacher.  It is no secret that we are underpaid...and there are a few things I would love to make money for, so I just got a little crazy and just signed up to be a distributor.  Yes, without even trying the product.  I just had a feeling that this was a great company, and I have never regretted that decision!!!

Have you heard of it?  It is called ItWorks!

There are so many products I could write about.  Wraps, defining gel, greens, facials, lip product, hair product, etc.

Our 'poster child' is the ultimate body applicators (THOSE CRAZY WRAP THINGS).  They are a cloth wrap that is infused with a botanical creme that tightens/tones/firms wherever it is placed.  They can be placed from the neck down!  If done correctly, the results are insane!  Here are a few pics!

Now, a few non-corporate photos from friends:

The last 2 collages were from ONE wrap!!!!  It is INSANE!!!

And here is my sister:
I am not where I want to show anyone pics of my stomach, so my results will have to wait! :)
The defining gel is also amazing and helps with the wrap results, as well as cellulite, spider veins, and even eczema!  Defining gel is also known as LIQUID GOLD

Now, on to GREENS!!!
Greens are probably a 2nd best seller.  If you need immune support, natural energy, detoxing or alkalizing your body, greens are for you!  
A few success stories I have read about:
Reduces Migraines
Reduces Allergy symptoms
Helps with circulation
Afternoon Pick-me-up
Digestive help
Natural energy to get you going in the morning
Reduce cravings

I could keep talking, but I have to stop somewhere!  haha.
ItWorks HONESTLY has something everyone could use.  

Do you have any of the following?  We have something to help that problem!  Read the list below:

Reduce Apatite/Increase Metabolic Rate:  Ultimate Thermofit
Cheat Meal?:  Fat Fighter
Build Lean Muscle/Turn Back hands of time:  New You
Everyday Stresses....Confianza
Younger looking face...Facial Wrap
Lines and wrinkles around lip/eye:  Lip and Eye creme
Stretch Marks:  Stretch Mark Creme
Growing Out Hair:  Hair Skin Nails
Arthritis Pain:  Relief
Digestive Issues:  Regular

OK, so now that you know all about these amazing products, you MUST want to order something!!!

There are 2 ways to order:
1. Retail
2. Loyal Customer

The LC program is basically like getting a free Sam's or Costco membership!!!  It is highly recommended!

Please, email me at for ANY questions.

Visit my website to order:

Are you interested in making money on your own time, while helping people feel better about themselves and make healthier choices?

You can become a distributor and own  your own business for $99!  The return on that investment is uncomprehendable!  Do you have to work hard?  Yes, shouldn't you work hard at anything?  

Do you make money?  Look below...

I reached Ruby in 2 months and plan to go Diamond soon!!!

Also, there is a special going right now that if you reach diamond, you get a $400 GOOD bonus!!!  

AND, as if that isn't amazing

Check out the TOO GOOD bonus!!  Oh, wouldn't that change your life?

Message me.  Lets work together!  We can do this!!!

**All of the opinions listed are my own** The photos have been approved for use.

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