Friday, October 17, 2014

High Five for Friday!

The weeks are long, but the years are fast...

Linking up with Lauren today on her High Five for Friday Post!

Here are my top 5 moments of the week:

1. Making a huge challenge to myself with my ItWorks company.  I am challenging myself to become Double Diamond by the end of this school year!  Pray for me and my business!

I will be helping soooo many people at this level, it is so exciting!!

2. Dance, soccer and all the other fun stuff I do with my girls!  They are at such a fun age!

3. Short week at school, and it is also spirit week!  Homecoming parade today and football game tonight!  Go Mariners!!!

4. Looking forward to a great fall weekend, and going to Mike's Farm next Friday!!!

5.  Biggest change of the week has been we are finally painting our dining area!!!  I am so excited how it is turning out and cannot wait to reveal it to you!!

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