Thursday, October 16, 2014

{Just like that...}

October is 1/2 over

ECHS Homecoming game is this Friday.

Halloween costumes are being bought/made daily.  
{a hint for us this year:  blue and purple}

Christmas is 70 days away!

The scorching heat around these parts is finally fading away.

Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE!

My girls are finishing out their 3rd year of life and moving to the teenage  4th year of life.

Ponder on those thoughts for just a minute!

How is all of this possible!???  How am I 31?  I should still be 25!  How does Christmas come around so fast?  

I am clearly convinced, that despite what I teach in my Earth Science class, the Earth is gaining speed every year and what used to take 365 days must really only take 300 days now.  Yep.  Thats it.  

So, my advice for the day.  STOP.  LISTEN.  Enjoy the moment because we are losing time each year and before you know it, you will have children going to college {if you don't already!}.

Have a happy Thursday!!

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