Monday, December 8, 2014

{Epic Weekend}

As you 'grow up', little things you do start to diminish.  I vividly remember the excitement that came with a Friday night in high school.  The week was over and it was time for a break!  I loved the Friday night basketball games, followed by trips to shell point (locals know!), sleeping in on Saturdays, hanging out with friends, doing it all over on Saturday night, then a low key Sunday.  Aaahhh, the memories!

But, life gets busy and we grow up.  While I would never think to trade my 'busy-ness' for anything else, it is nice when you get an unexpected amazing weekend, out of no where!

This weekend was EPIC.  So much so, that I want to write about it and keep it logged for future reference! :)

Friday night I kept my friends kids so she could sing in her Cantata at her church.  So, we played at home for a while, then headed out to the high school for a HUGE rivalry basketball game.  I knew I couldn't miss this game, but I honestly just wanted to stay home.  The thought of wrangling 4 kids up and down bleachers didn't sit well with me.  Long story short, we went, the crowd was amazing and we had a great time.  Thank GOD my friend Lindsey was with me.  She helped out so much and made several trips down the bleachers with kids! :)  AND, our varsity boys won to a {basically} sold out crowd!!!

After the game, we went home and I worked until 3 am on bows and other accessories for a craft show on Saturday.  We have a festival every December at Harkers Island, and this year, a craft show was inlcuded!  It was so much fun and we had a pretty successful day.  I was pleased!  I so enjoy doing stuff like that, so it was a perfect little Saturday!
After leaving the craft show, I went to my moms and saw the girls for a little bit.  My friend Lindsey stayed with me Friday night so she slept in with the girls on Saturday, then made 'sparkly' pancakes and just had a fun Saturday morning with the girls.  Also, she cleaned up my house.  Yes.  She is pretty amazing.  I owe her big time for all of her help.  No one realizes how much difference it makes if someone helps in simply putting away 1 load of clothes, or washing a few dishes, or something like that.  It means the world to a busy mama.

Ok.  We left my moms and went to an impromptu family reunion!  There is one weekend a year where the most family is in town, and that is the weekend of the decoy festival.  So, my mom put together a reunion at a local restaurant for 40 people!  It was so nice to see family from Colorado, Virginia and Raleigh.  I was only able to stay for 45 minutes, but it was nice to catch up.  I wish we could see them more!
I left the reunion and went to Blair's Christmas party.  The prime rib/shrimp was amazing!  It was a nice little party with his coworkers!

Now, I only had a few hours sleep the night before, and had been going all day.  I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go home and get comfy.  However, Lindsey had begged us to come to a local hangout where they were having a tacky Christmas party.  I don't usually do things like that, but she had begged and it was a fundraiser for charity, so reluctantly, we went.  I am so glad we did.  I didn't realize how much of a 'sheltered' life we live.  We went out of our comfort zone and it was so nice.  This certainly wont be a weekend ritual, but for a good cause, it was so nice.  Plus, we got to hang with some of our favorites for a little while!

Sunday morning came and we had Sunday school, followed by a relaxing afternoon at moms (nap included).  We then had play practice for the church Christmas play!

We came home, ate leftovers, baked cookies and just had a relaxing night at home (in a clean house, remember!!!!)  Yes, its the little things.

So, now that the weekend is over, its back to the bump and grind.  I had no idea going into the weekend that it would turn out so grand.  But, that makes it even more special.  It just happened...and thats the way I like things!
Next weekend is jam packed with Disney on Ice (Frozen), Christmas parades and Christmas plays!  Whew.  Tired already thinking about it! :)
Hope you all had a wodnerful weekend as well.  If not, make the next one even more grand.


I am leaving you with 2 photo bombs.  I didn't realize Maddox and I were photo bombed till I saw this to post!  (Not sure why she looks so ill).

Second, I sent this photo to Lindsey.  I had 2 nights of minimal sleep and on Sunday, I looked and felt like death.  So I took this photo to show her.  After I got dressed on Sunday, I HAD to put makeup on.  A no-makeup day was not an option (as you can tell...kinda scary).

Anyway, as soon as I took this photo, I heard Maddox say:  YAY!  I got in the picture!!!

Hahaha.  When I pulled it up in PicStitch, sure enough, I was photo bombed by a 3 year old.  She was so proud!  **We were sitting in my moms' driveway, getting ready to go in, so she unbuckled herself! :)

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