Friday, March 11, 2016

My why...

Hey y'all!! So, I have needed to write this for quite some time.  I am opening up about my journey and knew this was the perfect place to do that.  Here goes!

Why did I become a part of ItWorks Global?

I have several reasons and will list them below!

1.  I needed to lose weight and get healthier for my family!

There was something about these products. I don't know what it was exactly, but I had a passion for the products before I even used them.  I know they work.  Now, having said that, for anything to work, we have to put our mind to it.  When I first started this journey, my mind wasn't set.  I didn't take the products religiously.  I am kicking myself for it now!  Where could I have been if I had made my mind up a year ago?

Why didn't I cut sodas? Why didn't I exercise regularly?  Why didn't I take my supplements?

I must stop wondering why? I just have to make the changes for myself NOW!  Thankfully, I have done pretty well and lost 12 pounds very quickly!

2.  Accountability.  I feel like I have some accountability with ItWorks!  We have a great support system.  I feel like ItWorks 'forces' me to make good decisions!I talk about healthy changes with my girls.  I hope to instill healthy choices in them now.  I pray they are never overweight and have to deal with the pressures of losing 100+ pounds.

3. Finances.  Is there ever enough?  Luckily, we have family who help if we need it.  They like to take us to dinner or buy the girls an outfit, for example.  We are so blessed to have so many people that love and care for us.  But, we do not have a big cushion.  We do not have as much money saved as we should for an emergency fund.  The girls college accounts are not growing like I wish they were.  We cannot afford dance AND gymnastics AND horse riding lessons.  I am sure more will come in the near future. Could we comfortably have more children? We need a bigger house.  The list goes on.

I have ALWAYS had multiple jobs.  There was one summer where I had 4
Jobs, literally.  I have always liked to make money. Before the girls were born, I had at least 2 jobs!  However, once they came along, I would not be working outside of my regular job.  I couldn't be gone from them all day and all night too!

When Rebecca started posting about ItWorks, something spoke to me.  I needed these products!! I also could really use this income.  I could work from home nights and make some extra spending money for my family!

4.  Lastly, helping others.  I will do just about anything if I know someone else is benefitting!  I love t help others!  I love to work with others.  I like to teach others!  What if I help someone make a big change in their own lives?!! How cool is that?!

So, here I am!  The statements above are my WHY's!

I would love your prayers for me during this journey! I would love your support! Can I help you achieve some goals of your own? Life can be hard sometimes, but if we all work together to build each other up, we will all benefit from it!

I hope you all have a blessed weekend! 😘